John Hanson Schuman January 19, 1951 to March 21, 1998
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Having made over 2,000 jumps since 1969, John was an old time jumper but he was different in that he always surfed the latest waves in skydiving and he always strove with all his energy to share what he learned with others.

John operated Drop Zone Publishing which published the SOUTHWIND, a unique periodical that was a poster to be posted on the wall at the MidWest DZs. Beginning with it's premier issue October 1992, the SOUTHWIND was circulated nationally.

John organized numerous MEES (Movement Efficiency Exercises for Skydivers) classes starting in October 1992. John worked with Janet Hamburg, a Certified Laban Movement Analyst who is the director of dance at the University of Kansas, and Tamara Koyn, 92 world champion freestylist, in designing the workshop. The primary goal of the MEES warm-up was to improve the skydivers' coordination and provide a greater degree of confidence that he or she can successfully maneuver the body in unexpected, as well as planned, situations. The warm-up also connects the mind and body to space, reinforces body-level connections, stretches and strengthens muscle groups, and teaches skydivers to move dynamically in space.

Since 1992, John accumulated around 800 "out-of-the-box" jumps, as he called them, which included freestyle, camera flying and mostly freeflying. John competed in the first ever held freeflying competition held at Skydive Arizona in the fall of 1994 and continued to compete in major freeflying competitions in the years to come.

Throughout his involvement with skydiving since 1969, John was famous among the Mid-West jumping community as an artist sharing many pioneering ideas involving every aspect of skydiving. John now probably has his drawing board well established where he is now and is at it again. He and his exoctic ideas will be missed by his fellow earthling skydivers.

Skydiving History

October 23, 1969 First Jump
1970-1971 PCA JM/I
1971-1975 USPA I/JM
1971-1975 JM/I/Officer/Kansas State Parachute Club
1971 Collegiate Nationals (Kansas State University)
1973 4-way Central Conference Champion
1974-1975 Member, Kansas Homegrown 10-way Team
1975-1978 Demo Team (Mid-Kansas Sky Sports)
1988-1991 Boeing Skydivers Demo Team
1989-1991 Mid-America Skydiving Demo Team
1992-1993 Campaign manager for Doug Marion for Conference Director
1994 World Skydance Freefly Team (1994 Eloy, 5th place; 1995 Dallas X-Game tryouts, 8th Place)
1994-1998 Greater Kansas City Skydiving Demo Team
1996 City Lights Freefly Team (Perris, 4th Plac; Dallas, 2nd Place)
Jacket with Awards
Licenses & Numbers

PCA A 2364
USPA B 8186
USPA C 6600
USPA D 13105
USPA GW 3463
USPA DW 1721
USPA 12FF 2315
Pterodactyl 111
SCR 1100
FAA Rigger #/Symbol: 2148003 IVG
Periodicals and Publications

O'l Jim's Vision written by John Schuman Canpara October-November 1979
Muskogee: Home of Skydancing written by John Schuman with Larry Jaffe and Stratch Garrison Parachutist January 1981
Kansas Aviation Museum Members Jump at Aerodrome Days Open House written by John Schuman The Chuting Star Vol. 4, Issue 5 1993
Where's Smitty? written by John Schuman The Chuting Star Vol. 4, Issue 5 1993
KSU Parachute Club Turns 30 written by John Schuman Skydiving #153 March 1994
Weather Watches written by John Schuman with Jim Mandigo Parachutist June 1995
Learning Head-down Flight illustrated by John Schuman Skydiving #176 February 1996
The practical Cessna for Practical VRW written and illustrated by John Schuman Skydiving #176 February 1996
Freeflying Requires Special Safety Considerations by John Schuman Skydiving #177 March 1996
Perris Valley Challenge Cup: Focus on 3D Flying by John Schuman with Pat Works Skydiving #179 May 1996
Learning Head-down Flight: Controlling Your Fallrate illustrated by John Schuman Skydiving #187 February 1997
Safety Considerations and Equipment for Freeflying photo by John Schuman Skydiving #192 July 1997
4-way Deja Vu by John Schuman Skydiving #193 August 1997
vRW Survival Skills: Part 1 photos by John Schuman Parachutist #193 November 1997
La Chute Debout illustrated by John Schuman PARAmag #126 November 1997
Head Down illustrated by John Schuman Sport Parachutist #126 April 1998
Publications and Periodicals Edited and Published by JHS

The Grey Area of Flight DZPublishing, 1985
The Lost Ace unpublished movie script, 1990
KAPS Newsletter Central Region circulation 400, 1988-1993 KAPS Traveling Photo Exhibit permanent display at Kansas Air Museum, Wichita, 1992-1993
SOUTHWIND Newsletter National circulation, 1992-1998 MEES (Movement Efficiency Exercise for Skydivers) Manual DZPublishing, 1994

If you would like to order a copy of The Grey Area of Flight, please write: Belinda Schuman for more information.

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