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2016 FAI Wingsuit Competition
Video Information

1st FAI WPC Wingsuit Performance Flying
1st FAI WC Wingsuit Acrobatic Flying

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SC Section 5: "4.9.3 Recording Media (1) The Scoring System operator at an FCE (other than for CP) must give, a copy of the recording media of the competition in an MKV format, together with the summary score sheets and other pertinent documentation, to the FAI Controller. The FAI Controller will deliver the copy of the recording media and the documentation to the Chair of the IPC Judges' Committee and/or the IPC Judge Video Librarian, who must ensure that each delegation can purchase copies of the same within 45 days."

This video and data collection is
Copyright 2016. Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI).
All Rights Reserved.

This video and data collection on USB key or DVD disc contains unedited wingsuit acrobatic flying competition jumps of the FAI World Cup 2016 and FlySight GPS data log files (.csv) of the FAI World Parachuting Championships 2016. The 2016 FAI IPC competition rules, team & competitor lists, draw, free routine description sheets, scores and results are also included. Video files (.m4v) will play on most computer platforms and configurations. For best playback performance, it may be necessary to first copy the video files to your internal hard drive.

FlySight GPS data log files (.csv) may be viewed with FlySight Viewer software.

$40.00 USD for each USB key or data DVD

Add $7.00 USD for shipping within the USA and $15.00 USD for international shipping outside the USA.

Payment options include PayPal, Western Union, bank transfers, checque drawn on a US Bank, etc. Please send e-mail to the IPC Judge Video Librarian with your postal address and phone number indicating that you wish to order USB key or data DVD and your desired payment method. You will receive payment instructions. and

Warranty Policy: If the USB key or DVD media fails within 60 days of purchase, write for replacement instructions. After 60 days, there is NO warranty. (USB key manufacturers may not honor their warranties for USB keys sold through this web site.) Customers are encouraged to immediately make a backup copy of the video and data collection.

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Fédération Aéronautique Internationale
Parachuting Commission - IPC
National Aeronautic Association
Skydive City
ParaLog Performance Competition

Official competition results/information are only those posted at the competition site during the competition. ANY material in this video and data collection was intended to capture the on-site competition and results but is NOT official and may contain TYPOS and/or ERRORS.

Skydiving is a high risk activity that may result in serious injury or death. Those involved with this video data collection, including but not limited to the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, International Parachuting Commission, National Aeronautic Association, Skydive City, the producers, and the skydiving competitors, make no warranties or representations and assume no liability concerning any loss, damage, or injury to persons or property resulting from the content of this video and data collection. ALL INDIVIDUALS RELYING UPON THE MATERIAL DO SO AT THEIR OWN RISK.

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