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World Cup 2000 Video
Freestyle, Skysurf, and Freeflying

While working as a volunteer in the video dubbing room, I learned that no one was going to make a tape available to the competitors, judges, staff, other interested skydivers, etc. Therefore, I have chosen to make that happen on my own efforts as I realized that these people are likely to want a tape to review the competition by.

This two tape set (approximately 4.25 hours in duration) contains raw footage of the World Cup 2000 competition jumps in mixed order for freestyle (men's and women's), skysurf (men's and women's), and freeflying. This is not a video production with music nor video editing, just pure raw competition jumps exactly as they were received from the teams in the video control room.

The Video Tape Log text file lists all the jumps in the order that they appear on the tapes.

The Scores for each individual team are compiled from the Pegasus scoring system printouts and availible in a Microsoft Excel 98 document for your study along with the tapes.

For information regarding the World Cup 2000 video, please contact me at:

Cloud Dancer