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Freestyle Seminars
by Tamara Koyn

World Freefall Convention at Quincy in August
1988 to 2001

Starting in 2002, the World Freefall Convention is held in Rantoul, IL and Tamara continues to give freestyle seminars.
Tamara freestyling
Tamara enjoys a freestyle sunset jump over the floods of the Mississippi at Quincy in 1993. Photo by Jamie Paul.

Typically, Tamara's seminar is the first in a series of seminars on various 3-D skydiving disciplines such as skysurfing and freeflying that are offered at the World Freefall Convention. She covers freestyle and its role as a stepping stone to learning freeflying and skysurfing. Freestyle is of paramount importance for your safe participation in skysurfing and freeflying or any other 3-D skydiving discipline yet to be conceived!

This seminar is always very open and shaped by the interests of the participants. For anyone who has attended the seminar previously, they can come again with new questions and learn more advanced techniques. Before the start of the convention, you can even E-mail Tamara to request any specific topics to be covered! In 1998 and because participants were very interested in skysurfing and freeflying, Tamara covered the specific freestyle techniques on pre-skysurfing maneuvers in great detail and also how to learn a head-down and headup flying stances. In 1999, freestyle techniques were covered in detail along with what applications those techniques have for freeflyers. In 2000, her seminar came after the freeflying seminar. Tamara answered additional questions about freeflying and explained various techniques in freeflying.

Topics typically include:
The basic concept of freestyle.
How to perform various freestyle moves (audience members have the opportunity to request for specific moves to be explained).
Moves you will want to learn in order to prepare for skysurfing.
Moves you will want to learn to fortify your freeflying skills.

Depending what the attending participants would like to learn, Tamara may be speaking about how to avoid confusion while performing rotational or translational maneuvers, the aerodynamic principles behind the maneuvers so that you have a greater understanding on how to invent your own maneuvers, and more.

Please be sure to view, print, and read the information on 3-D Flying Safety. While this information is not very entertaining information to include in a seminar (and is thus not covered in the depth necessary), it is very important that you become familiar with it!

Tamara has been enjoying the World Freefall Convention each year that it was held since 1986 when she made her first jump from 15,500 feet. Technically, it was called the World Skydiving Convention until the year 1988. In 1989, there was no convention and then, starting with 1990, Don Kirlin has nurtured the World Freefall Convention into the world's largest boogie as we know it today.

On August 11, 1988, Tamara gave her first freestyle seminar ever at the World Skydiving Convention along with Mike "Michigan" Sandberg and others. She has enjoyed presenting her seminar at the World Freefall Convention nearly every year that it was held until the present time! She plans to continue offering her seminar.

Here are some comments from attendees to Tamara's previous freestyle seminars...

From Aug 3 to the 7th 2001 I was at the World Freefall Convention at Quincy, Illinois. It was there that I had the pleasure of meeting Tamara Koyn (aka "Cloud Dancer) for the first time. I also had the opportunity to attend Tamara's freestyle seminar where we watched videos and discussed the basics of freestyle flying. It was by far the most memorable seminar I attended while at Quincy and I will never forget Tamara or her helpful attitude.

Jason Pittelli
Toronto, CA
Quincy 2001

The organization was logical and the interaction with the audience made sure that topics of interest to them were covered in detail. The videos were both instructive and enjoyable. I learned a lot about control of body position from this seminar.

John Kallend
Quincy 1999

The first (I'll buy your free beer later) seminar I had the privilege to attend was that of Tamara Koyn's.

Tamara's presentation came alive. With every word out of her mouth she spoke confidence and professionalism. ... She did not approach the crowd as some skydivers do with, "My 5,000 jumps qualify me to tell you anything" attitude. She was one of us, she had been there and now she had something to share. I learned a set of experiences that could possibly even be used to save our lives someday. ... how do you make your own body one with the relative wind? How do you adapt the science to peace and freedom and deliberate movement? Tamara's class was nothing more than a success and nothing less than enlightening.

I found out later through the course of the convention that she actually set a standard for the seminars that no-one matched. ... TAMARA KOYN used video as well as her own body to fully demonstrate the fluid science of "Free" "Style" flight. She was always checking the reactions of the students for the glazed look in their eyes of misunderstanding and, if seen, would re-emphasize that particular point in a quick and professional manner.

I, myself, may never ever compete in a "Free""Style" competition. I may never use all of the ideas and concepts that Tamara willingly gave to us, but I thank her for bringing the science of human flight down to my level and bringing me up to the level of understanding that I can now pass on to others. ...

1LT Todd V. Franken
Quincy 1999

I wanted for sure to attend the free style seminar by Tamara Koyn. That name was familiar to me from some skydiving magazines and video tapes, ...

... she made a [pose requiring flexibility] on the floor and still was explaining some facts about the free falling equilibrium in that body position. ... I was following the way she was explaining the facts and I noticed that she understood very well the laws of physics and phenomena that occur when a human body is in free fall. ... She was very patient and very kind with a people who were asking for some aditional explanations.

She kept my attention all the time and I decided to stay for sure until the end of the seminar, even if I was a little bit hungry ... I became very curious to hear all the explanations because everything she said was very clear and logical to me, even if I never did any more free style then a few stand-up's...

After awhile, the seminar was over. ... Some of [the participants] decided to stay and ask for some more explanations, or posible solutions for their own free fall problems. ... I asked her if we can meet somewhere [the next day] to speak a little bit more ... She accepted.

Vladimir Milosavljevic
Quincy 1998

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