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Tammy's Garage Sale!

After examining the below list, please feel free to make an offer.

--Surf Flite Beginner board (has 1 jump)
--Parasport Italia Leather hat (size: S; Black with pink arrows; new) $95
--White Sunshine Factory Collapsable Pilot Chute (set up for Vector with BOC throw-out, new)
--White Pilot Chute (35" diameter; non-collapsable; 10 jumps; black hackey)
--Packing Matte (black with aqua and pink accent colors, sunshade for rig, new)
--White Protec Helmet (size small; used)
--Brent video light for Sony DCR PC7 or 10 (new; $45 plus shipping)
--Flex Goggles (dark pink headband; new) $8
--Kroop Goggles (hot pink rims, light pink rims; new)
--Kroop Goggles (hot pink rims, brown rims, green rims; used)
--Kroop Goggles (red lens and red rims; used)
--Package of 20 "8" bands (unused but several years old) $3
--Black scuba dive mask (Tri-view, rubbor; made by US Scuba; unused but 6 years old)
--Caps (new) with "JumpRun" logo and design (tan) $15 each
--Jumper Sportswear Skydiving Ties (Ground Rush and Red Gear Check) $29 each or 2 for $50
--Golden Knights T-shirt (white, size small, new) $12
--Parasport Italia T-shirt (light pink, size XL, new) $12
--Para-Flite polo shirt (white, size small, new) $15
--Para-Flite polo shirt (white, size small, slightly used)
--Precision T-shirt (long sleeve, grey, size small, new) $15
--RW8 Manual written by Pal Bergan and Audun Wik (new) $8
--Skydive 400 book by Skydive University (new; no video tape)
--Basic Body Flight Theory video and manual set by Skydive University (new) $50 plus postage
--Javelin cooler (new)
--Performance Designs Sport Pocket (wraps around wrist, new)

Listed prices do not include shipping and handling.

I thank you for visiting my garage sale. If anything caught your interest, you can E-mail your proposal to me at: If I do not answer you, it is most likely that I am trying to send you E-mail but am receiving failed mail messages so please leave me alternative means for me to contact you as well. Thank you.

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