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Skydiving Web Sites
My collection of web sites on skydiving follows. This list includes skysurfing, VRW, freestyle, companies, drop zones, skydivers' home pages, and more. When you click a link to a web site, it will open in a separate window. If your skydiving web site is not on this list and you would like it to be listed here, please send your URL to Tamara Koyn. Your site will be added in future editions of this site. Thank you.

Skysurfing, VRW, and Freestyle

Barry L. Brumitt
Cross Keys Heat Skysurfing Team
Daniel's freestyle team
Enclave Skydiving Links- Freefly
Fanatic Skysurf
Freefly Wiggaz 01/03
The FlyBoyz
K Ramba
Larsen & Brusgaard
Team Nitro
Shockwave Skysurf Team
Space Monkeys Flight School
SSI Pro Tour
Surf Flite Training Center
Tim McMichael
Total Body Flight
Trent Gulbrandsen's site by Dale Stuart
Vail Air Sky Board Designs

Tracking and Wing Flying

Bird-man International


Australian Parachute Federation
British Parachute Federation
FAI Site
PIA Site

Skydiving Centers, Clubs, and Operations

Blackdeath Skydiving Club Site
Cross Keys
Ecole de Parachutisme Sportif de Savoie: Chambery
Freefall America
Gator Skydiving
Greater Kansas City Skydiving Club
Halo Jumper 01/03
Irish Parachute Club
Lower Light Skydiving Club
Pacific Skydiving Center
Pepperell Skydiving Center
The Parachute Centre at Tilstock
Perris Valley Skydiving Web Site
Pull Out
The Pink Skyvan Web Site
The Pink Skyvan Web Site 01/03
Ranch Parachute Club
Skydance Skydiving
Skydive Arizona
Skydive Chicago
Skydive City
Skydive Croatia
Skydive Hawaii
Skydive New Jersey Shore 01/03
Skydive Toledo
SkyDog Club Site
University of Oregon's Club Skydiving
World Freefall Convention
Welcome to the World Air Games
West Tennessee Skydiving

Products and Services

Aerial Focus
Action Air
Air FX Jumpsuits
Allen's Custom Skydiving Jewelry
Body Sport USA
Cool & Groovy Fridge Co.
Cypress Service and Support Web Site
Fliteline Systems, Inc.
Flite Suit
GR Devices/SkyCorder Site
Joe Jennings Productions
Jumper Sportswear
Max Dereta Photography
No Regrets Skydiving Sportswear
The OmniSkore System
ParaSport Italia
Skydance Photography
Skydiving Unlimited 01/03
Sky Systems LTD
TNT Systems
TetraDirect Wind Indicators
Trippy Hippy Company
Willy Boeykens Skydiving Images

References and Resources

30K Jumps by Michael Wright
Base Web Site with FAQ
Base Reference
Editions Hors Limites
Pour l'amour du Ciel--Book
Spazio Verticale
Skydiving Bulk Web Site
Skydiving Magazine
Skydive Ring
Skydive The World
SkyXtreme E-Zine
Sport Parachutist's Safety Journal
The Skydive! WWW Archive

Home Pages

David Bakkers's Site (Australia)
Diane's Home Page
Dick's Adventure Stuff 01/03
Don's site
Jeff Libber's Site
Ahti Kangas' (Kusti) Site
Manu's Home Page
John Novikoff's Home Page
Luke Oliver's Home Page
Garry Peek's Web Site
Garry Peek's Research Site
Jaroslaw Szot's Web Site
Michael B. Vederman's Site
Russell M. Webb's Site
Michael Wright's Site

Other Interesting Sites

A site developed for Italian and world-wide sport
Adventure Junction 01/03
Get Wild
Sport Women
Women in Sports