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2008 1st FAI World Cup Video Information

Vertical Formation Skydiving

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SC Section 5: "4.9.3 Recording Media (1) The Organiser of a First Category Event must give the Original/Master recording media of the competition, together with the summary score sheets and other pertinent documentation, to the FAI Controller at the conclusion of the competition and must ensure that each delegation can purchase copies of the same."

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This video is Copyright 2008. Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI). All Rights Reserved.

Available on DVD, this video contains raw unedited competition jumps, all rounds, as dubbed from the videographers. The video of the competition jumps is repeated with the video freeze frame as it was applied during judging. (No audio track.) DVDs have an XTRAS folder containing the 2008 competition rules, the draw, and the scores. The DVD menu allows easy access to any round and the next/previous chapter buttons will navigate forward/backward through the jumps. DVD-R(s) are PAL only and compatible with ALL REGIONs. (Many NTSC DVD players and computers with DVD drive in NTSC countries will play PAL DVDs.)

$30.00 USD for each DVD: 4-way Vertical Formation Skydiving
Add $5.00 USD for shipping within the USA and $10.00 USD for international shipping outside the USA.

Send check or money order drawn on a US Bank in US Dollars made payable to:
Tamara Koyn
12919 Midfield Terrace
St. Louis, MO 63146 USA

For more information and other available payment options (PayPal instructions, transfers, etc.), or special requests (such as VHS NTSC or PAL, DVD+R media, NTSC DVD, etc.), please e-mail Tamara at:

Please check that your DVD player is compatible with DVDs burned on DVD-R media. Many NTSC DVD players and computers with DVD drive in NTSC countries will play PAL DVDs, but check your manual and/or local electronics store.

Care for your DVDs: When removing the DVD from its case, always press the center button to release the DVD. Never use force to remove the DVD from the case. Always return the DVD to its case when done viewing.

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Official competition results/information are only those posted at the competition site during the competition. ANY material on the DVDs including the XTRAS folder was intended to capture the on-site competition and results but is NOT official and may contain TYPOS and/or ERRORS.

Skydiving is a high risk activity that may result in serious injury or death. Those involved with this video, including but not limited to the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, United State Parachute Association, Skydive Arizona, the producers, and the skydiving competitors, make no warranties or representations and assume no liability concerning any loss, damage, or injury to persons or property resulting from the content of this video. ALL INDIVIDUALS RELYING UPON THE MATERIAL DO SO AT THEIR OWN RISK.

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