Tamara freestyling over Rocky Point Beach.
photo by Brent Finley © Copyright 1993 by Tamara Koyn

Tamara's world competition teammate and camera flyer, Jamie Paul, has a large collection of photos capturing skydiving in action.


This web site has been created for skydivers and "couch" skydivers and contains a collection of articles. If you are not a skydiver and would like to become a skydiver, please use an internet search engine to find a skydiving training center near you. If you live in the United States, check out the United States Parachute Association to find a skydiving training center near you.

Tamara's History in Skydiving 01/03

FAI/IPC Competition DVDs:
2004 World Parachuting Championships AE Video 12/04
2005 FAI Anton Malevsky Memorial International Cup AE Video 7/05
2005 FAI World Cup AE, CF and FS Video 11/05
2006 FAI WPC AE & FS Video 08/06
2007 FAI WC AE & FS Video 08/07
2008 FAI WC VFS Video 12/08
2010 FAI WPC AE CF & FS Video 08/10
2012 FAI WPC AE CF FS & Style Video 02/13
2013 FAI WC & EC AE & FS Video 11/13
2014 FAI WPC CF & Style Video 10/14
2014 FAI WPC AE & FS Video 10/14
2014 FAI WC IS AE & FS Video 11/14
2015 FAI WC EC AE & FS Video 10/15
2015 FAI WISC SFR FS & Dynamic Video 12/15
2015 FAI WAG AE CF & FS Video 01/16
2016 FAI Mondial AE CF & FS Video 12/16
2016 FAI WCIS FS SFR & Dynamic Video 12/16
2016 FAI WS Video 12/16

USPA Competition DVDs:
2013 USPA National Skydiving Championships Video 11/14
2014 USPA National Skydiving Championships Video 11/14
2015 USPA National Parachuting Championships Video 09/15
2015 USPA National Wingsuit Flying Championships Video 12/15
2015 USPA National Skydiving Championships Video 12/15

Available Courses and Training:
Video Debriefs by Mail! 6/98
Weekend Freefly Workshop 6/98
University of 3-D Flying 6/98
Courses with Tamara 6/98
The Freestyle Shopper. 6/98

Tammy's Garage Sale 7/99

3-D Flying Safety 6/98

1991 Quincy Freestyle Seminar 8/91
1993 Official WFF Freestyle Rules 5/93
Freestyle Lessons for Student Skydivers. 8/95
First USPA Freestyle Nationals 12/96
How-to Articles on Freestyle 1/98
Explanation of Freestyle Difficulty 12/99
Tamara's Freestyle Seminars at Quincy 8/01

Sky Surfing 8/94
1995 Pro Skysurfing Rules 8/95
How-to Articles on Skysurfing 12/98
1998 Quincy Skysurf Seminar 12/98
1999 Quincy Skysurf Seminar 8/99
Easy Skydive video, manual, and CD-ROM 12/99
2002 Rantoul Seminar: Skysurfing and Camera Flying 8/02

Freeflying and Vertical Relative Work:
Tamara's First Experience in VRW 5/94
The First Sit Flying Competition 11/94
A Conversation on Vertical RW 3/95
Standing Solo Drills for learning VRW. 5/95
Take the Time to Seat Yourself! 7/95
Freefall Race & Funky Freestyle Festival 12/95
Basic Head-Down Solo Drills 2/96
Getting Started with 2-way VRW 2/96
Skydive AZ's 1996 Freefly Festival 12/96
A Picture Guide to Freeflying 6/97
4-way Freefly Camp at GKCSC 8/97
Quantum Leap Freefly Seminar 8/97
1997 Quincy Freefly Seminar. 8/97
Skydive AZ's 1997 Freefly Festival 12/97
How-to Articles on Freeflying 8/99
Freeflying the Sony DCR PC7 3/98
1998 Quincy Freefly Seminar 12/98
Skydive AZ's 1998 Freefly Festival 12/98
A Picture Guide to Transitions 12/98
3rd Annual 1999 Freefly Money Meet 5/99
1999 Skydive Chicago Space Games 7/99
1999 Quincy Freefly Seminar. 8/99
November 1999 Space Games. 12/99
Orly King Freefly Seminar 7/00
2001 Quincy Seminar: Freeflying 8/01
2002 Rantoul Seminar: Freeflying 8/02
2002 US National Collegiates Test Freefly Event 1/03

Freestyle & Skysurfing:
1993 Skyblazin' Competition 10/93
1994 Skyblazin' Competition 11/94
1995 World Freestyle Video Tape Offer 7/96
1997 World Freestyle Competition 10/97
1998 World Cup 12/98

Artistic Events (Freestyle, Skysurfing, & Freeflying):
1998 US Nationals 6/00
2000 World Cup Video 3/01
2001 Compulsory Sequences Practice Judging Video 5/01
2003 Compulsory Sequences Practice Judging Video 5/03
Freefall Rotations for Artistic Events 2014 USPA SCM 5/14
2014 Compulsory Sequences Practice Judging Video 7/14
Freefall Rotations for Artistic Events 2015 FAI/IPC AE CRs 5/15

Tracking and Bird-Man Flying:
Discovering Tracking RW! 7/99
1999 Quincy Bird-Man Seminar 8/99
First Bird-Man Wing Suit Jump! 8/99
Articles on Tracking and Bird-man Flying 8/99
2002 Rantoul Seminar: Piloting the Wing Suit 8/02

Other Topics:
1993 World Freefall Convention RW Seminars 8/93
21K High Altitude Briefing 8/93
1997 Quincy Videography Seminar 8/97
Multimedia CD-ROMs on Skydiving 1/97
Mad Track Video Magazine 5/97
John Schuman 6/98
1999 Quincy Seminar on Separation and Spotting. 8/99
23K High Altitude Briefing 8/99
2001 Quincy Seminar: Canopy Control 8/01
2001 Quincy Seminar: Canopy Relative Work 8/01
2001 Quincy Seminar: Safety 8/01
John LeBlanc Canopy Flying Seminar 8/01
2002 Rantoul Seminar: Sport Accuracy 8/02

Skydiving Web Sites

Tamara has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in teaching dance with movement science background and Media Communications: Film/Video production from Webster University in 1991. Tamara has been a freestyle pioneer since 1985 with more than 1800 freestyle jumps; has published the first books and video on this discipline; has been freestyle coach since 1988 in the US, Australia, and Europe; and is 4 time medalist ('92 World Champion) in World competition. Tamara is also a Vertical Relative Work enthusiast with nearly 600 Vertical Relative Work jumps since 1993.

The photo (8 by 10 inches) on this page is available by mail order for $15.00 plus $3.00 postage ($6.00 postage for shipping outside the United States). Photos may be autographed with a personal message upon request at no extra charge. Please write Tamara at: Tamara Koyn

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