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Two Multimedia CDs on Skydiving!
Skydiving: A Multimedia Reference
Skydiving Interaktiv
SKYDIVING: A Multimedia Reference (CD-ROM)

--Contains Dan Poynter's classic book "Parachuting: The Skydiver's Handbook", newly revised by Dan and Mike Turoff. 400 pages of fully searchable text, hyperlinked with many other references, graphics and video. Includes a hyperlinked glossary of terms.

--Additional reference materials include technical papers on body flight (Skydive University), B.A.S.E. equipment (Sorcerer), history and mission of Golden Knights, USPA, US B.A.S.E. association. There is also a large collection (24) of recent magazine articles from Parachutist and Skydiving magazines. These references also have associated video clips in many cases.

--56 minutes of outstanding skydiving video. The clips are considerably longer than many multimedia products, ranging in length from 2 to 5 minutes. Subjects include First Jump training, AFF, Tandem, Advanced body flight, Relative Work, Canopy Relative Work, Freestyle (Some great video of Tammy), Skysurfing (a very special 5 minute clip of Rob Harris by Joe Jennings), Wind tunnels, Golden Knights, Chute packing (Segment from "Pack Like A Pro"), High Performance Canopy flight (Pond Swooping). There were many contributing videographers; Mike McGowan, Norm Kent, Joe Jennings, Brian Rogers, Kevin Schillaci, Bill Beaver and others. The video is narrated and has an original soundtrack. There were ten original songs written for this production.

This CD does an excellent job of exposing the new, or potentially new skydiver to most segments of the sport. A "new guy" would have to spend a lot of time at the DZ and read a lot of back issues of "Parachutist" to find all the data that's on this disk. While long-time skydiver's may have been exposed to much of the information, the new video and the easy retrieval of data makes SMR a very convenient and entertaining reference title even for experienced jumpers.

The CD retails for $30 plus shipping (US $1.55 1st class / $3 Priority. Canada $1.55 1st class / $4 Air. Over seas, $7). It can be purchased (Internationally) from several equipment retailers, book & video distributors and some DZ's, so check around with your usual suppliers. You can also purchase SMR directly from RESEARCH MEDIA. We accept VISA, MasterCard, checks or money orders. Contact:

1315 NW 185th Ave. Suite 230
Aloha, OR 97006
503-629-8249 (24 hr. Telephone orders & support)
503-690-8549 (24 hr. Fax orders & inquiries) (E-mail orders & inquiries)

Thank you for your interest. Blue skies!
Will Morris
Skydiving Interaktiv
by Klaus Heller & Thomas Rau
ISBN 3-929403-05-6
US$ 29.95

A multimedia publication for skydivers and whuffos, featuring:
--History: from Leonardo da Vinci to modern Skydiving
--Equipment: enjoy equipment parts on an animated screen, see opening procedure
--Instruction: Tandem, Static Line/Freefall, AFF
--Disciplines: Accuracy, Style, Relative Work, Canopy Relative Work
--Variations: Freestyle, Skysurfing, Chute Assis, Wind Tunnel, Paragliding, Parasailing, ParaPlane
--Impressions: lots of great photos and video clips
--Addresses: largest data-file of skydiving associations, clubs, dealers and publications worldwide!

Choose between 3 languages on every CD-ROM: English, German, French.

Enjoy over 100 photos, videoclips and animations! Photography and videoclips by Carl Boenish, Peter Ebner, Klaus Heller, Eli Hofmann, Norman Kent, Michael McGowan, Patrick Passe, and Tom Sanders.

New skydiving songs Who Dares Wins and Skydive by Terrence Whelan and Phil Hayes, composed, written, and produced exclusively for Skydiving Interaktiv.

Minimum PC requirements: Double Speed CD-ROM Drive, 486- or Pentium-processor, 4 MB-RAM, Color Screen, VGA graphic card, sound card, mouse, MS-DOS, Windows 3.1 or higher.

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