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1995 World Freestyle & Skysurf
Video Tape Offer

brought to you from the folks at Skydive Colibri

We thank you for your interest in our Freestyle and Skysurfing world championship 1995 video tapes.

There are 2 tapes of the 1995 World Freestyle and Skysurfing Competition, 1 for freestyle and 1 for skysurfing. Each tape includes 5 jumps of every advanced team and 3 jumps of every intermediate team.

They are available in PAL and NTSC.

The prices including shipping and handling via airmail to USA:
1 tape2 tapes3 tapes4 tapes5 tapes6 tapes
45 US$80 US$115 US$150 US$180 US$220 US $
DM 74,-DM 127,-DM 185,-DM 235,-DM 258.-DM 351,50

To order, send payment with your order and we will immediately send you the tape(s).

These above prices are cash prices. If you pay by check, please include an additional DM 14, which will cover our bank charges. Naturally, we prefer "DM".

For those interested people living in European countries, please ask us for the prices as they vary according to the country, weight, shipping method, number of tapes, etc.

For more information, you can contact us at: or try us at:

Or, you can contact us by mail, phone, or fax at:
Fallschirmsport Colibri
84539 Ampfing
FAX 49 (0)8636-897
Phone 49 (0)8636-440

Blue Skies,

Your Skydive Colibri-Team

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