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Freeflying Workshop

In this intensive weekend workshop for beginning freeflyers, you and your partner will learn the secrets for effectively and efficiently learning how to freefly. Upon the completion of this course, you and your partner will be ready to begin practicing freefall exercises together to develop your freeflying skills. (While it is highly recommended that you join this workshop with a partner, who is also interested in learning freeflying, you can register for the class without a partner.) Following the secrets of this program, any weekend fun jumper can learn to freefly. No weekend only course can teach someone how to freefly with a single weekend of jumping. Thus, this course is structured to teach all the techniques and knowledge of freeflying for participants to record in their notebooks and to provide a road map so that participants have a guided journey into the world of freeflying.

Through ground lectures, video tape examples and ground training exercises, this course covers:
  • Introduction to Freeflying
  • Safety and Equipment
  • Basic headup and head-down flying stances
  • Proximity Control while headup and head-down
  • Fallrate control while headup and head-down
  • How to learn freeflying with your partner

Before joining this workshop, a participant must be able to perform flat turns, barrel rolls, and back or front loops; start and stop flat turns and spins; roll and loop without disorientation; regain stability from out of control fall; maintain good altitude awareness; and consistently follow the three basic priorities (Pull, Pull at a Proper Altitude, and Pull with Stability). 40 minutes of prior freefall time is recommended.

The course fee is $150.00 per person. Fee includes intensive classroom training and handouts. Pre-registration will be required. If you are interested in taking this weekend course or would like more information, please contact Tamara Koyn. This is a ground training workshop with no jumping incorporated. Thus, this course can be an excellent event during the cold winter season at your drop zone. By special arrangement, this course can be presented at your drop zone. Custom dates are available for your DZ.

About the Instructor: Tamara Koyn has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in teaching dance with movement science background and Media Communications: Film/Video production from Webster University in 1991. Tamara has been a freestyle pioneer since 1985 and is 4 time medalist in World competition (1992 World Champion). Tamara has been teaching courses world-wide since 1988. Since beginning freeflying in 1993, Tamara has been developing instructional programs for freeflying. She attained a 234 mph head-down average fallrate as the fastest woman in Skydive Arizona's first ever held freefall race in 1995.

Currently, Tamara is developing the curriculum for the University of 3-D Flying. This intensive workshop covers all material presented in classes 52, 53, 190, 191, 192, 291, 292, 293, 294 and 299 of the University of 3-D Flying.

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