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Ground Training

60: Ground Training. Basic techniques for using ground training to effectively increase your learning curve and decrease your costs in attaining a particular skill are covered. This class is for you no matter which skydiving discipline you pursue. Text: Skydive 100: Basic Body Flight by the Skydive University. Prerequisite: None.
160: Relaxation Workshop. Class members learn how to use relaxation to improve their skydiving skills whether that be RW, freestyle, etc., and practice a Progressive Relaxation technique prepared by Richard M. Suinn, Ph.D.

165: The Skydiver's Warm-up Exercise Workshop. In this workshop, participants learn movement exercises which will, in general, increase body awareness and control. Prerequisite: 60. Instructor: TBA.

166: Orientation Workshop. During swimming pool practice, students will learn how to use the pool as a training aid and learn awareness of body positions and orientation. Bring a swim suit and face mask. (Nose clips will be available during the class.) Prerequisite: 60.

260: Flexibility Workshop. You will be introduced to some basic flexibility exercises and will learn how to design and implement a flexibility training program for your skydiving needs. Text: Stretching by Bob Anderson. Prerequisite: 60 and 160.

261: Mental Imagery. The theory on using mental imagery will be presented including in-class practice. Text: In Pursuit of Excellence; How to Win in Sport and Life Through Mental Training by Terry Orlick, PhD. Prerequisite: 60 and 160.

262: Controlling Performance Anxiety. You learn how performance anxiety effects you and various techniques for controlling and making performance anxieties work for you rather than against you. Text: Psychology and Sport Behavior by Anne Marie Bird and Bernette K. Cripe. Prerequisite: 60 and 160.

263: Coordination Workshop. Participants practice movement exercises that deal with improving the coordination of their body movements. This class is recommended to those interested in improving their body control. Prerequisite: 60 and 165.

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