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University of 3-D Flying

Welcome to the University of 3-D Flying. The university offers classes and one-on-one dive coaching in freestyle, Vertical RW, skysurfing and/or ground training techniques.

Each class listed in this Web guide lasts between 45 and 90 minutes in duration. The text book, when one is mentioned in association with a class, is not required but is intended as suggested reading to support and supplement the class. Coached skydives are available at any time. If you are interested in taking any of the classes offered by the University of 3-D Flying or one-on-one coaching, please contact Tamara Koyn for more information and prices.

Seminars based on the classes from University of 3-D Flying can be presented at any drop zone in a customized organization. Seminars also provide one-on-one coaching during jumping. For making arrangements, please contact Tamara Koyn.

General Class Listings
Specializing in Ground Training
Specializing in Freestyle
Specializing in SkySurfing
Specializing in Vertical RW

Tamara serves as the principal instructor. Tamara is 4-time medalist in World Freestyle Competition and 1992 Women's World Freestyle Champion with teammate Jamie Paul. Tamara has been pioneering freestyle for since 1985 and teaches 3-D flying courses around the world. Since beginning freeflying in 1993, Tamara has been developing instructional programs for freeflying. Tamara Koyn has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in teaching dance with movement science background and Media Communications: Film/Video production from Webster University in 1991. During this education, she acquired a background in movement science which she applies to teaching 3-Dimensional Skydiving.

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