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Class Guide: Sky Surfing
50: An Introduction to Freestyle. The philosophy of freestyle is introduced. Freestyle basics are explained as well as using freestyle as a point of departure to learn skysurfing and vertical RW (freeflying). Textbooks: The Inner Athlete by Dan Millman, Basic Freestyle Notes by Tamara Koyn and A Video Guide to Freestyle by Tamara Koyn. Prerequisite: None.

52: Safety Procedures and Considerations for 3-D Flying. The aspects of safety presented in this class are applicable to solo dives as well as dives with other partners. Textbooks: Basic Freestyle Notes by Tamara Koyn. Prerequisite: None.

53: Equipment for 3-D Flying. Participants learn about special equipment needs and considerations for 3-D flying. Harness & container systems, jumpsuits and more are covered. Textbooks: More Freestyle Notes; 2nd Ed. by Tamara Koyn. Prerequisite: 50.

60: Ground Training. Basic techniques for using ground training to effectively increase your learning curve and decrease your costs in attaining a particular skill are covered. This class is for you no matter which skydiving discipline you pursue. Text: Skydive 100: Basic Body Flight by the Skydive University. Prerequisite: None.

70: Feeling the Air. By performing the exercises and techniques presented in this class, participants will develop a better physical awareness of the relative wind. The techniques are instrumental in helping participants to relax and actually feel the interaction between the windflow and the body. Prerequisite: 52, 55 and 160.

80: Moving in Your Freefall "Kinesphere." Through a thorough discussion of the principle elements of human movement, this class will help participants to be more aware and understand how they move and rotate in a 3-dimensional space. Textbooks: Basic Freestyle Notes. by Tamara Koyn. Prerequisite: None.

101: Creativity. Class participants learn how to invent freestyle or skysurfing maneuvers and avoid brainlock by using a system for inspiring creativity as well as a card game for creating new moves. You should bring to class a pack of index cards. Texts for freestyle participants: The Aerial Freestyle Guide Book by Dale Stuart, Basic Freestyle Notes by Tamara Koyn, and A Video Guide to Freestyle by Tamara Koyn. Prerequisite: 50 and 80.

105: Building Learning Progressions. By focusing on freestyle or skysurfing maneuvers, participants will learn how to plan learning progressions and to use them as a point of departure for learning freestyle, skysurfing or vertical RW (freeflying) as they desire. Prerequisite: 50 and 101.

120: Pre-Skysurfing. Freestyle moves and preliminary exercises to master in order to safely begin skysurfing are covered in this class. Prerequisite: 50, 52 and 53.

121: Skysurfing Equipment and Malfunctions. This class provides an introduction to skysurfing equipment and hanging harness drills on malfunction procedures. Prerequisite: 50, 52, 53 and 120.

141: Awareness for 3-D Flying. Learn how to conquer sensory overload and how to maintain freefall awareness so that you can critique your performance while attempting complex maneuvers in freestyle and/or skysurfing. This class also covers performing freestyle on night jumps. You should be able to perform at least 5 maneuvers in your chosen discipline before attending this class and freestylists be familiar with The Aerial Freestyle Guide Book by Dale Stuart. Prerequisite: 50, 80 and 101.

166: Orientation Workshop. During swimming pool practice, students will learn how to use the pool as a training aid and learn awareness of body positions and orientation. Bring a swim suit and face mask. (Nose clips will be available during the class.) Prerequisite: 60.

170: Freestylist/Skysurfer and Camera Flyer as a Team. The freestylist and camera flyer have a unique working relationship that changes throughout the training process. This class will examine the details of that working relationship and how you can benefit. Interested freestylists/skysurfers as well as camera flyers should attend this class. Text: "Freestyle and Photographer: Working Together as a Team" in Skydiving Magazine February 1995. Prerequisite: 50.

181: Aerodynamics. You learn how the relative wind interacts with your body and what different body movements cause which actions. This class will enhance your understanding of flying your body regardless of the discipline you pursue. Prerequisite: 80.

201: Choreography. Class participants will learn how they can sequence maneuvers into sequences and sequences into routines. Participants should know how to perform at least 10 maneuvers in either skysurfing or freestyle before enrolling in this class. Text: More Freestyle Notes; 2nd Ed. by Tamara Koyn, and The Intimate Act of Choreography by Lynn Anne Blom and L. Tarin Chaplin. Prerequisite: 50, 80 and 101.

202: Improvisation. You will learn how to release your soul and learn to play again discovering a new freedom and your own personal art in movement. Text: Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Back, Zen in the Art of Archery by Eugen Herrigel and The Moment of Movement; Dance Improvisation by Lynne Anne Blom and L. Tarin Chaplin. Prerequisite: 50, 52, 53, 70, 80 and 101.

205: Dive Engineering. Participants learn how to structure their training programs for maximum learning and performance and preparing for freestyle or skysurfing competition. Participants should know how to perform at least 10 maneuvers and have a list of 5 additional maneuvers they wish to learn before enrolling in this class. Prerequisite: 105.

221: Skysurfing. Planning your first skysurfing jumps and planning your progress onto larger boards. Note: Before making your first skysurfing jump, you must demonstrate on video, the freestyle skills described in 120. Prerequisite: 50, 52, 53, 120 and 121.

280: 3-D Freefall Movement Analysis. Participants learn how to analyze video and conduct debriefs. While the focus is on freestyle, class material is useful to skysurfers and freeflyers. Participants should bring video of their own work. Prerequisite: 50, 80 and 181.

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