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Coaching Available
for Freestyle, Freeflying (VRW) and/or Skysurfing

Freestyle pioneer and professional coach, Tamara Koyn, is available to teach courses anywhere in the world and give private instruction by arrangement. Tamara teaches 3-Dimensional skydiving courses including freestyle, pre-skysurfing and freeflying (VRW) courses.

Training courses include seminars, workshops and one-on-one coaching; and are designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced participants. Each 3-D flying course is different and is designed according the interests and skill of the participants.

Freestyle Training Courses--freestylists and camera flyers can participate to get started and/or to improve their skills. Freestyle courses may also include an introduction to sky surfing, chute assis, using cross training to learn skydiving skills, etc. Each course is different and is designed according the interests and skill of the participants.

Pre-Skysurfing Courses--Those interested in skysurfing can take this course to learn freestyle moves that will help them safely learn skysurfing. Skysurf equipment and safety procedures are also covered.

Freeflying (or VRW) Courses--This course is for participants interested in learning and/or perfecting their skills in freeflying. This course is ideal for those wanting to learn how to film freestyle and other 3-D skydiving disciplines.

Judging Courses--those interested in learning to judge freestyle, skysurfing and/or freeflying (sit-flying) can participate in a three day judges class with seminars and hands-on experience in judging freestyle, skysurfing and/or freeflying. Participants learn how they can organize competitions and how to interpret rules (as well as to select or write customized rules). Tamara is an experienced judge for both freestyle and skysurfing events around the world and she is available as a judge and consultant to assist skydiving centers who would like to plan a competition.

Skydiving centers that have interest in hosting any of Tamara's courses or anyone interested to receive private coaching should contact Tamara Koyn for farther information.

Tamara Koyn
1754 Sprucedale Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63146 USA
(314) 878-9125 phone/fax
Internet E-mail:

Tamara also offers courses in a format to form The University of 3-D Flying.

Skydivers are ready to participate in Tamara's courses when they:
  • can perform Controlled 45 Second Delays
  • can perform flat turns, barrel rolls, and back or front loops
  • can start and Stop Flat Turns and Spins
  • can Roll and Loop without Disorientation
  • can regain Stability from Out of Control Fall
  • maintain good Altitude Awareness
  • consistently follow their Three Basic Priorities
    1. Pull
    2. Pull at a Proper Altitude
    3. Pull with Stability

Participants will gain more from the course if they prepare in advance by doing two things. Firstly, a participant should obtain an appropriate jumpsuit. Freestylists can use a pair of spandex pants and a sweat shirt in freefall or find a jumpsuit that they feel is suitable for freestyle. Freeflyers (VRWers) can use a pair of jeans and a sweat shirt in freefall or find a jumpsuit that they feel is suitable for freeflying. Secondly, potential participants can participate in physical activities, particularly those which require some degree of precision in body movements (such as dance, aerobics, gymnastics, martial arts, synchronized swimming, or...), during the time period before the course begins. However, these are not required but recommended for course participants.

Camera flyers who would like to learn to video freestyle are encouraged to attend courses. Camera flyers wanting to learn to video freestyle should have sufficient experience in making videos with RW or tandem jumps. They should be comfortable with operating their equipment and safety considerations. Camera flyers interested to film freestyle at a freestyle course are encouraged to do one of the following to get the most out of their course experience. Either 1) Obtain a slick fast jumpsuit that has large but completely collapsible wings and a weight vest. Freestylists are capable from falling slow and very fast on the same dive. Or 2) Learn freeflying techniques by attending a VRW course. The first option is a "quick fix" for those camera flyers without freeflying skills. Freestyle courses will offer seminars and instruction for the camera flyers and how they can establish their own training program.

Renate Ostertun attended a freestyle course taught by Tamara and went on to become the first-ever and 1993 Women's Intermediate World Champion freestylist in Spain. Tamara has been instructing freestyle since 1988 and teaches freestyle courses around the world. Tamara speaks English and French. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Communications (Video/Film) and Teaching Dance at Webster University of St. Louis, MO (May 1991). During her education, she completed required movement science coursework which included training in presentation/ preparation methods, skill analysis and biomechanics, positive debriefing methods, sport psychology and more. Tamara is the only freestylist who is a pioneer since 1985, 4 time medalist (1992 Women's World Champion) in world competition and a freestyle instructor with a teaching and movement engineering background.
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