John Hanson Schuman January 19, 1951 to March 21, 1998
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April [1997] Jump Report

So I managed to get just 14 in this month, but with my "over the edge" style of jumping, they grew into 14 more beautiful and new adventures in the third dimension.

I finally got my still camera going and have burned a hundred frames. Got some spooky results of my buds flying head-down. My maxxum 7 k does a good job with a 23 m. wide angle lens and auto-set function to set lens and a switch to manual for the remote. Wait till you see the mount I developed for the Gath helmet. I may have been the first to film Jamie Paul in the head-down doing video. Wade Marquita, SSI judge, flys with his tongue sticking out when he is going foward and smiles as he stops in front of you.

I seem to have perfected my standing approach. I can easily zoom 35 yards horizontially without losing the pace. I turn my body into an arched rod (minimum resistance) and put my hands over my head to balance the drag of my legs. To get speed, I curl my legs into the RW wind using my most powerful thigh and calf muscle combo. I resume vertical stable and curl foward at the waist to stop on the grip, leaning slightly away as I begin pressing into the formation. With a fast pace, I sometimes have to stairstep over -- alternately doing a standing dive then tranfering the speed into a sharp angled swoop. I'm still head-down retarded but am starting to get it going. Won't be long now.

My big push now is the 4-way event I have organized for July in Kansas City. Pat Works and his branch of World Skydance will team up with the Greater Kansas City World Dance posse for a go at doing 4-way VRW sequential. It's an all Cessana roots thing. Totally zen. Bring your swords for dawn workouts. MEES event ground-training. Lots of video. July 18-21.

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