John Hanson Schuman January 19, 1951 to March 21, 1998
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July [1996] Jump Report

The Omega block continues to rule the Great Plains weather. The jet stream has turned into a river with a 180 degree bend in it. Taveling north along the Rockies to the Dakotas it abruptly u-turns south along the Mighty Miss then straightens into a whip around the Ohio spraying the east coast like a runaway garden hose. The cool air stays north of this gigantic atmospheric river and the hot humid air to the south. The trail of storms across the States descibes the main currents.

In KC the Omega block brings only uncertainty. The only way to get dives is to remain on 24 hour alert. If the weathers good, then jump, even it is at night. I managed an even 20 dives this month a few of them turned out awesome Makeing up work at the construction site on Saturdays for all the rain days cost me some numbers.

I have over 30 camera jumps now. I have discovered a natural abilty to put the camera where it needs to be. and have produced some great vids. Many ooohs and aahhhs whenever I show these things. Mostly from the flat flyers who have never seen vertical RW up close. My jump mates regularly make contact with me in all modes. I have recently improved my camera setup to remove high speed shake with my patent applied bungee dampener system. I've named my film company 4-HEAD VIDEO.

I made a demo jump on the 4th at a big marina and did a night dive on the 30th. I filmed Hubert Trimmel on his board 5 times (good stuff) and did 12 freefly dives with Maureen and Wade mostly camera work. I did a freefly dive with Wade and we did 2 compressed accordians and flipped one over (Momentarily). This was as exciting as the 2 pt. '69 with paul in Dec. 95. I rounded out my log with a couple of hop and pops and filmed a 3-way. My biggest accomplishment is getting a handle on my head down skills. I can now fly with level 2 and many level 3 skills. Next I want to agress head-down.... in vrw. While everyone is at Quincy the next 2 weeks I think I'll film Hubert some more. 'Kind'a like chaseing the board.

I'm still trying to snivel onto or put together a team for the X-games. If you know of someone shopping for a player let me know. jhs

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