John Hanson Schuman January 19, 1951 to March 21, 1998
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June 1997 Jump Report

The KC metro region has moved into an ideal El Nino weather pattern. We continue to remain just south of the U.S. Mainland jet stream which will likely continue moving in a diagonal from the southern Rockies to Detroit until 45 to 30 days before the Autumn equinox. Except for the weekly high altitude low pressure disturbances via the North Pacific rim, the weather remains tranquil. 13-21 mph with lots of popcorn cumulous in the afternoon. It's possible the high pressure heat dome in the southwest will move up the diagonal, and this could make things really hot (110 heat idex) and breezy. Bad flying conditions. The Canadian cool air high remains in control.

Things remain on track for my 4-way VRW camp July 18, 19, 20. The 5 Cessna DZ aircraft remain flyable, although some have gone into rotation for regular engine work. We have recently upgraded packing area environments. The up-jumpers have their own indoor packing area cooled by fans and equiped with packers who work on carpet. Plush. And, bonus1!, nearby air conditioned debriefing rooms equiped with video stuff, chalk boards, and computer equipment hooked up to everything to keep the up-jumpers busy brainstorming on fresh video in between lifts. We're rollin'... .

I have stayed on top WITH the freefly townies. We keep on track with practice attempts on weekends and some days during the week. Regular 3-way attempts and one 4-way attempt. However, I've only been in one 3-way and saw one other filming and so the completion ration gets a bunch of discussion.

I have quietly taken pictures of everyone, students and advanced, who freefly the GKC DZ over the last couple of months. I've assembled a selection of great pictures showing the bad, good, and ugly vertical flying stances. These pics now make up my flash card classroom for anyone trying to get a mental picture of what works or, NOT.

My best dives this month (22 total) went beyond my film exploits and load organizing. I like my individual head-down skill dives best. When nobody shows up, I fill in AFF loads practicing my head-down stances. I thank the pilot and simply dive out the door, totally relaxed and strike a stable, French style head-down position remaining flexible. I let it go for awhile, until I hear I'm at terminal, about 155mph, then I practice looking around and staying balanced. Next, I speed up, slow down to stable, piroette, transition to a stand-up, return to a head-down, regain slow mode and practice looking around while trying to daffy and move foward and back. I repeat this cycle in a slow methodical way until I see I'm at the altitude and go-flat and slow down then pull. I have over 500 jumps out-of-the-box now without instruments, but, don't tell anyone because it's not recommend. Sweet.

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