John Hanson Schuman January 19, 1951 to March 21, 1998
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New Directions Jump Report (Oct) [1997]

Just a quick note to let you'all know I'm not dead yet.

I've changed my agenda somewhat in the last 3 months. It started with my 8 week vacation from skydiving. After 2 weeks off, I started to de-tox from my 5 year comeback run. I finally had time to think about what I had done. I realized I needed to quit beating myself up; I was a lot better than I realized.

I began spending a lot of time working on my home and rental property and doing family stuff like weddings and funerals, working in the garden. I bought another cheap car, for a back-up, and have put some rehab time in on it.

I'm spending free time working on large scale writing projects and business ventures related to skydiving. I have now got a writing project on what is gravity going...this thing has vibrated my creative timber for a while. The bonus is I have enough capitol together to finance everything, especially if I don't jump as much and can cover my travel if I do. It's time I get this stuff done.

I have entered into a one year contract with my regular DZ in Kansas City and I have a job jumpmastering Novice freefly loads (probably) every 3rd Sunday until next Oct. 23, my 29th anniversary of my first jump. The DZ has enough starters, generated by Koyn's 3-D U classes, to warrant some more help making sure things follow the SOP. I get free jumps on the day, or, 50 dollars jump credit if bad weather. I must show up rain or shine to review video and answer questions on freefly from 10.30 to 4.30. It will be fun, especially with all new facilities with heat/air, a new video room, new blacktop loading area, and extended runway for occasional use by the Sky CHI twin otter. The DZ has 5 cessnas , which means 2 or 3 are (usually) working which is just about right for the 50 regulars who always show up and the weekend student classes and tandems.

My future with the Southwind (formerly KAPS) news is waffling. Since 1989, Drop Zone Publishing has always been a self-financed thing involving a bunch of work. I'm thankful the national rags picked up on it and for getting some world wide press. I have learned the true meaning of it's power ...without free speech the world is a scarry place... However, unless something breaks in the next few months for me, I think I will give up my newletter business and devote full time and financing for the large projects. I need an agent and I have to sell my soul, I guess.

I have made a half-dozen jumps in the last month all freefly practice and getting used to my new J-4 and Triath with the hidden main ripcord handle and the pilot chute you have to stroke to get hard,. (Jeez, I hate that bottom flap throwout. I can't pull with my left hand... what if my right arm gets hurt and, the answer is not, 'so what, use the reserve'.)

(PS: I'm working on a new design.)

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